The best benefits for SMS

Benefits of SMS to all

"SchoolCare maximizes efficiency of daily work and reinforces cross-departmental association" With SchoolCare, it can just be easier for you to bring about a transformation in your school administration. It can easily help you to gain an insight into everything related to your school and that too without wasting your time on piles of records.

  • For Admin
    • school/advantageQuick decisions based on real time data of every department of school.
    • school/advantageMaintain Academic and Financial data centrally.
    • school/advantageIssue Notice Board events online.
    • school/advantageMore effective communication through various channels such as Email and SMS.
  • For Teachers
    • teacher advantageUpdate Attendance on one click.
    • teacher advantageAutomated Report Card.
    • teacher advantageUpload/Download Notes/Assignments for students.
    • teacher advantageComputerized management of marks and grades.
    • teacher advantageDiscussion with parents and students can be done via Communication portal.
  • For Students
    • student advantageView Timetable.
    • student advantageView Holiday Calendar.
    • student advantageInteract with Teachers through Communication portal.
    • student advantageStay informed about events and important notices through login account or SMS.
    • student advantageProblem submition related to class for students.
  • For Parents
    • parent advantageGet Attendance report of your child.
    • parent advantageReceive notices from School.
    • parent advantageGet alerts of fees due date via SMS or Email.
    • parent advantageInteract with Teachers through Communication portal.
    • parent advantageAccess to Student's Examination Schedule, grades through online portal